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5 easy, fast hair tips

Lily provides these tips for busy women, moms and teens. Remember, schedule a cut and style with her through Aug. 31 for half off when you mention this blog. Call 239.458.2704 to make your appointment.

1. Make waves overnight.
For fun loose, beachy waves you don’t have to work too hard. Wash your hair at night, and apply a good product that will help tame your hair. My suggestiion is outshine (by redken) or just a little argon oil. Sleek your hair back into a ponytail or a half a bun and let dry overnight. If it is still damp let loose in the morning while you get ready. Extra tip: If you want smaller waves, or more texture, you can tightly braid it instead.

2. Buns are another easy way to go.
You can go classy with the epic J-lo bun. Slick your hair back nice and tight and just wrap a simple bun. You can go loose and fun, and put it in a pony and just simply pin some random hairs into the bun, and leave some loose pieces to soften the look. If you have curly hair you can run your fingers through, leaving your curly texture, put into pony tail and pin away. One of my quick favorite styles I love to do on a busy morning!

3. Rock a pony!
Ponytails are simple, effortlessly chic and stylish again. It’s a great way to keep hair from getting in the way when you’re juggling a million things, too. Try a low pony, sleek style or a high pulled-back ponytail look.

4. Accessorize
Accessories are a fun way to play with your hairstyle. The good news is this season the headband is hotter than ever. Push hair back with a headband in the morning for an instant 2-minute style. Play with different parts, too, until you find the look you like best. My favorite headbands are the braided ones. Gives you a unique braid without the work, and with a 70’s twist.

5. Dry Shampoo
Our biggest seller at Cre8 Salon. Don’t have time to do a wash? Try some dry shampoo to soak up the oil in your roots. You can try our Nick Arrojo line or our “powder grip” by Redken. You’ll save yourself an entire shampoo and styling event.

Extra tip: An additional benefit of the dry shampoo or powder grip is the added texture that it brings to your hair. If your hair is newly washed and too slick for an updo or creative styling, add some dry shampoo to help your new ‘do stay and last. It is also great to create lift and body.


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