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Beauty in Nature – How I see color

In the world of hairdressing we are inspired by so many things. We think like artists on a daily basis. This is our passion. Christina at Cre8 Salon is inspired by nature. She said, “I spend 60% of my time outdoors, in nature, and I find inspiration in what Mother Nature has given us.”

Nature allows us to explore all types of color arrangements. Christina likes to look at nature in relation to hair color, style and fashion. It gives her new fun ideas for fresh and inviting color harmonies and palettes. Like our senses of taste and smell, color helps us to understand the world around us. Christina said, “Nature guides us with what colors marry well together, it opens our world to mixing colors and creating dimension.”

Consider the picture of the tops of tree stumps. We asked Christina, how does this inspire you? She said, “When the top layer of this drift wood is removed, you can see the inner core that comes through showing beautiful colors that you would never see.”

So, what is your inner beauty, your inner core? Let us reveal your inner beauty, and find the best colors that will complement your skin tone, your features and your style. Our hair ties into who we are on the inside and complements our fashion and style and what clothing we choose to buy.

It is our job as stylists to find your inner beauty and let it shine on the outside.

Christina relates the second picture to the drift wood colors. She said, “Driftwood in its natural state has a perfect harmony of light to dark. I imagine hair should also have that perfect natural harmony of light and dark like the picture of this blonde.” Nature at it’s best.

Christina sees color in a very unique way. Knowing what colors will complement each other. Maybe it’s a cool color and a warm color combined. Nature helps her create unique placement in color blocking or highlighting. She has a natural eye that captures a color world that most people can’t comprehend. That is what makes Christina not only an amazing hairdresser, but an artist.

Call Cre8 today at 239-458-2704 to reserve your appointment with Christina Munro and get $20 off one color service through September 21!

Bring in your nature- influenced picture.



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