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Show those tootsies some love

Are your feet tired and achy? Do your legs hurt after a long day? Getting a pedicure is a great way to pamper yourself and heal your aching feet. Our Brandi says, “You will be renewed in no time flat.”

One of the biggest fears people have about getting a pedicure is the fear infection due to lack of cleanliness, unsanitary foot spas, and contaminated instruments. But you can relax, because at Cre8, you have nothing to fear.

“We take sanitation above and beyond what is expected,” Brandi says. “We sterilize our implements using a sterilizing machine called ‘Statim,’ which is often used at dental offices. All of our implements are scrubbed with soap and water to be cleansed, then placed in a cold sterilization solution for 10 minutes. They are then individually packaged, and heat- sterilized at 440 degrees for 7 minutes.”

All our nail techs set themselves apart by providing the highest degree of customer service as well as cleanliness. “Every guest is sent home with their own buffer and file. We never reuse a buffer or file, to ensure the prevention of any infection. Our foot spas are also cleansed after every guest with soap and water, and then sprayed with an E.P.A registered-grade hospital disinfectant,” says Brandi.

Cre8’s guests enjoy our Rejuvenating Pedicure, which sets itself apart from an ordinary pedicure in the following ways:

•The pedicure begins with a therapeutic soaking of your feet, in a warm bath of water, to soften your skin and begin the relaxing experience. While your feet are soaking you can enjoy a relaxing massage in our pedicure chairs.

•Next, we apply a cuticle softener on each of the toes, and remove any cuticle that has grown on the nails. We trim the nails and shape them.

•Exfoliation of feet and calves. Exfoliation involves removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the outer most surface of the skin, and is used to help maintain your skin. Brandi says, “We use an O.P.I sugar scrub, which is a wonderful
aromatherapy experience. Our scrub is also dual purpose. Not only does it exfoliate, it is moisturizing as well.”

•In addition to the normal steps of a pedicure including the cuticle care, nail trimming and shaping, exfoliation and so on, Cre8 offers the extra step of a mask using hot towels. The masks are derived from Shea Butter for deep moisture, and / or menthol to cool and revitalize. Brandi says, “The hot towels help to soothe your muscles after a hard day of work.”

•We then moisturize and massage with OPI lotion (available in seasonal fragrances). “My favorite part of the pedicure is the massage,” says Brandi. “Massage helps to increase your circulation and relax your muscles.”

• Followed by polish application if applicable.

Brandi says, “I enjoy bringing smiles to my guests’ faces, it brings me great joy. Can’t wait to see you at Cre8. I will keep your feet in tip- top shape.”

Plan a relaxing and rejuvenating pedicure at least once a month. Call Cre8 today and reserve your appointment with Brandi Rump and receive 20 dollars off a rejuvenating pedicure. Call 239-458-2704.


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