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Treat yourself to some awesome Halloween tricks!

Halloween is on its way. Time to prepare your costumes! Why spend 40 to 100 dollars or more on a costume that someone else may wear? Take it to another level and have a custom costume with special effects makeup, anything from Freddy Krueger, to Medusa, a vampire or a zombie. Imagine creating a unique costume specially made for you, that no one can recreate – right here at Cre8 Salon and Spa with Crystal Gossman.

Have you ever watched a Halloween movie and wonder how they made it look so real? Have you been so scared of a movie and afterwards thought “it’s fake, I shouldn’t be scared?” Crystal says “It’s cool when you see something gory that is fake, but looks so real.”

Crystal is an esthetician at Cre8 Salon and offers her expertise in skin on a daily basis, and is also a makeup artist for weddings, homecomings, prom or simply daily makeup. In addition to her daily job at Cre8, she specializes in “special effects” makeup. In her spare time she likes to dabble in horror makeup and prosthetics. Crystal says “ I always find a way to utilize everything around me to make a goal.” For example in the above picture, Crystal says, “I was able to create a 3D cheetah look with bronzer and eyeliner.” Who would’ve thought you could get this look?

Crystal has worked on film sets and for modeling agencies. Her very first adventure with horror makeup began when a former friend, who is now a director, invited Crystal to work on set to form a bullet wound. Of course, Crystal was excited and overwhelmed, but that didn’t stop her and she jumped right in to some research. Crystal says, “You have to put yourself in that situation and imagine what it was like in the era that the movie takes place. You also have to take into consideration what the makeup will look like 5 hours later, so the latex needs to look realistic but also last.” When it comes to putting it together and making it work, Crystal is a natural. By using something like latex and tissue she can create a look of a slit throat and excruciating pain. You can see the beginning stages in the above picture.

Here is the end result. Phew! Scary!

I asked Crystal how she created a bullet wound, and she very nonchalantly said, “I used liquid latex, shaped into a bullet wound, shaded with makeup to create depth, pulled back the skin and retouched throughout.” Although she makes it sounds simple, we all know it is not something just anyone can do, but to Crystal it is a piece of cake. She undeniably has an artistic talent.

Check out her latest creation of a sugar skull.

If you are worried about sweating the makeup off in this Florida heat. No worries! Crystal uses professional makeup that is made to last in all weather types. Crystal says, “My biggest challenge was getting latex makeup to look realistic and last.” Which is why Crystal is always continuing her education. Taking classes have helped her overcome those obstacles and become the expert that she is.

Bring in a picture and set up a consultation with Crystal and she is sure to create a horrific look to scare anyone away. Reserve your appointment and receive half off your Halloween makeover. – Lily Nieves

Call Cre8 today at 458-2704.

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