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All curls are not created equal

That’s what Cre8’s Lily says, and it’s true. My curly is not your curly and that’s a good thing! Who wants to be the same as anyone else? So it makes a lot of sense that your unique curls deserve unique care. Lily’s a Curly Girl. Are you? There are 10 ways to tell. It’s not all about your hair, either. Curly is an attitude. Check it out:

1. Do you describe yourself as someone who wants to have fun?
2. Is your hair an asset, a way to showcase your sassy and playful attitude?
3. Do you embrace your Curly Girl Lifestyle every day, even on a bad hair day?
4 Are you proud of your curls?
5. Do you have several hair concerns, but having curly hair is not one of them?
6. Do you have an emotional bond with your hair, is it a part of your identity?
7. Do you love trying products and are you up on the latest curl innovations?
8. Do you love to share your experience and tips with other Curly Girls?
9. Do you feel like part of a community with common challenges and goals?
10. Are you digitally connected (the Curly Girl online community is only clicks away)?

If you didn’t answer yes to any of these questions, don’t despair. The right cut, products and tools can get you there.

That’s where Lily comes in. Call her at Cre8 for a free consultation at (239) 458-2704.

And since all curls are not created equal, give them the customized care they crave with Redken’s fabulous curly line! Curvaceous is a complete collection of haircare and styling products specially formulated to rejuvenate curls and maintain their curvaceous shape.


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