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The color of change

Change is definitely in the air. As the temperatures cool, hair colors tend to cool as well. People like to go from brown coppers to reddish coppers, or from light blonde to more strawberry blondes. The best part of this transition is that you don’t have to go drastic. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle change. It will change the overall appearance, but still create a pop of brightness.

Blondes: Do you feel washed out? Have you been rocking the bright pale yellow blonde or platinum for a while? You don’t have to go completely dark. Just by adding some low lights of dimension this can change your overall look. Multidimensional hair is in right now, as you’ll see the picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar. By using the right shade and level of lowlights (we’re experts in that at Cre8!) it will keep the contrast minimal and the overall effect from looking too artificial. Making your blondes stand out more with a little contrast, and at the same time adding dimension that makes your hair look shinier and healthier. A shade of strawberry blonde like in the picture of Taylor Swift is perfect for the fall.

Brunettes: Are you a brunette but you are starting to feel too root-y, too faded, or too light? It’s a new season, it’s time for a refresh. Go from a boring brunette to a fabulous brunette. If you have been sporting the “Ombre” effect, darker roots and lighter ends, and like it but want a change, deepen your color overall and go deeper at the root. Talk to your stylist about changing the tone of your highlights as well. Maybe they are light and starting to look mousy. Try doing more deep chocolate highlights or caramel highlights. Add a caramel glaze, go more natural, sunkissed. Check out how Selena changed her look.

Reds: Is your haircolor feeling shallow but you love being red? Last season’s redheads were more vintage brown copper. Now reds have more electricity. Just like fashion is getting more bold and brighter, so is haircolor. Don’t be scared to liven up your hair color. Christina Hendricks is a great example of a beautiful fall redhead. Her brown copper was pretty, but her new copper really compliments her skin tone and brings her eyes out.

Call Cre8 today and talk with your stylist about what will make your color fresh and new. Ask him or her what will best compliment your skin tone.

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