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Wedding Wednesday: Harlem Shakin’ Hair Do

That’s Right!

This Wedding Wednesday we want to share a full proof, head bobbin’, booty shakin’ hair do that will last on through the reception and allow you to participate in the latest dance craze, the Harlem Shake!

DancingDo 1. Using a blowdryer, volumizing spray and round brush, and tease your roots
2. With a curling iron, wrap your hair around the iron clockwise about 2-3 from your roots.
3. Gather a large amount of your hair on the back of your head and tease it with a comb.
4. Take hair from one side of your head and twirl it and secure it with a booby pin.
5. Continue to twist pieces of hair until all your hair is pinned up and spray your hair with Arrojo holdings spray.
6. Voila! A Harlem Shakin Hair Do!

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