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Wedding Wednesday: Get Cre8tive with Your Name Plates!

Hey Beauties!

This Wedding Wednesday we wanted to share a sometimes looked over aspect of your wedding; name plates! When done right, name plates can be a wonderful momento for your guests and a great mood setter for the reception! Check out some of our favorite summertime wedding name plate ideas!

What are some of your favorite name plates you’ve seen? Β Tell us in the comments below!

1. Vacation Destination!SummertimeWedding Name Plates - Vacation

2. Superhero Swagger

SummertimeWedding Name Plates - Superhero

3. A Magic Carpet RideSummertimeWedding Name Plates - Middle East

4. A Name Plate Fit For A Princess

SummertimeWedding Name Plates - Dessert

5. Hit One Outta the Park!

SummertimeWedding Name Plates - Baseball


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