Wedding Wednesday: Holiday weddings

Christmas wedding ideas

Christmas wedding ideas

With a holiday just around the corner, now is a good time to talk about having holiday weddings.

Labor Day may not be your first choice for a holiday wedding but there can be benefits to having a wedding on a long weekend such as Labor Day or Memorial Day. Out-of-town guests will have more time to travel if needed.

Other holidays offer fun with the wedding theme. The holiday theme can be used in the color palette, centerpieces, cakes, invitations and more. It can also be used in the hairstyle, style and color of dress and in your nail polish and even your make-up.

A Christmas wedding could include beautiful lights flowing through the wedding hall. Christmas trees lining the sidewalk or getting married in front of a Christmas tree can add a special holiday touch. Reds and greens, the smell of pine needles, all can help create a warm environment.

A few ideas from the Bridal Guide: pine cones as part of the wedding bouquet, bright red roses, red shoes, holly as part of the groom’s boutonnieres, a red and green tie on the groom, wreaths for decoration, etc. See more photos of Christmas weddings.

Another popular wedding theme is Halloween. Some ideas for Halloween include having your wedding at a haunted location, playing creepy music, having Dracula officiate, using carved pumpkins as decoration and fun Halloween-themed fingernails and wedding dress.  Check out these Halloween ideas.

There are many other ideas for weddings planned around the holidays. If you had a holiday wedding, please share your story with us.

At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we can help you plan the perfect hairstyle, makeup and nails to go with your holiday-themed wedding.


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