Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the perfect spot to exchange wedding vows

Choosing a wedding location.

A small church can make for an intimate wedding.

Where would you have your dream wedding? Would it be on a secluded island, on safari in Africa, underwater on a beautiful reef? Or, would it be in a traditional wedding hall or church?

When weighing your options, there are many things to consider. Are you the type who wants something unique or traditional? The location can be as exotic or as practical as you like — as long as you have the means to do it.

Consider who you want to be at your wedding. If you want your family and your best friends and none of them scuba dive, you may not want to have an underwater wedding.

exotic remote wedding location

You may prefer an exotic remote location for your wedding.

Can everyone travel to the location you want? Not only are they physically able to travel but also can they afford it and do they have the time needed to travel to the destination?

It’s not only important who you want but also how many guests you’ll have. If you want a large wedding, you don’t want a small church that will barely hold everyone.

If you do want a church wedding, have you talked to your fiancé and both families to make sure everyone is comfortable? For example, if the couple each has a different religion, have you had the discussion about which church you will use? If they are drastically different denominations, you may want a neutral location. As long as you discuss this issue in plenty of time, it won’t cause concern as the wedding gets closer.

According to, another thing to consider is how much work you are willing to do. A unique location may involve setting things up yourself while if you go with a more traditional location, there may be people who can do what is needed.

Read more about choosing the right location.

After choosing the location — outdoors, in a small church, in a large cathedral — it can be part of the wedding theme. The decorations will complement the venue. The location can help dictate the style of the wedding dress, how you where your hair, what nail polish you choose, the style of your makeup, etc.

If you are planning a wedding and want your style to suit your location or vice versa, contact us at Cre8 and we’ll be happy to provide some advice.

Next week we’ll focus on beach weddings.


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