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Wedding Wednesday: Choosing hairstyles and makeup to match


Click on the image to see Harper Bazaar’s hairstyle and makeup tips.

There are several big decisions in your wedding planning. How you will wear your hair and the style of your makeup are two important decisions. Of course, you want to look gorgeous on that day. Isn’t a wedding all about the bride anyway?

There are numerous beautiful hairstyles whether you wear your hair up or down. You can also match your makeup to your hairstyle. If you want a soft elegance to your hairstyle, soft, simple makeup may be your choice. However, you may want to go bold with both.

We’ve done several blogs about picking out the right hairstyle and makeup among other wedding topics. In our blog last week, we talked about some hot new wedding hairstyles from Bridal Guide magazine.

This week, take a look at the top styles from Harper’s Bazaar.  There are some beautiful celebrities with amazing hairstyle and makeup combinations that would make for a perfect wedding look.

At Cre8, we can make you look like a celebrity and help you find that perfect look.


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