Wedding Wednesday: #InstagramYourWedding

Crowdsource-Wedding-Photos-Instagram5Even after you have hired a professional photographer, it is still nice to see the candid pictures that your guests take at your wedding. A current wedding trend that many couples are incorporating is the use of Instagram to document their celebration.

Instagram is a great tool for organizing and collecting all of the photos that your guests take at the ceremony and reception. After creating a unique hashtag for your wedding, guests can use that hashtag to identify your wedding pictures. There are easy ways to collect and store these photos outside of Instagram so that you can view them after the honeymoon. offers a great guide for how to crowdsource your wedding photos using Instagram. By following their five easy steps, you can store all of your Instagram wedding photos in online storage and share them on your Facebook instantly. The process is simple and allows you to gather and save all of the candid photos that your guests take at your ceremony and reception as they are being taken.

Have you been to a wedding that used Instagram to capture the candid moments? Do you plan to Instagram your wedding?

Cre8 Salon and Spa can help you look your best for every Instagram photo with our special wedding services.  Whether you visit the salon or let our team help you on-site, we are ready to make sure you are ready for the cameras.


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