Wedding Wednesday: Slow-motion video booths capture unique moments

One of the coolest new trends we’ve seen in weddings is the slow-motion video booth.

Couples are always looking for ways to make their wedding unique.  They also want to capture as many special moments as they can. They want the candid, fun moments as well as the traditional wedding photos and videos. The bride and groom also want to have a wedding that’s fun and memorable for everyone.

A video booth is fun for the guests and as well as the happy couple. But, when the video is in slow motion, it adds another layer of creativity.

There are companies, such as Details Nashville (which did the video included at the beginning of this post), that provide slow-motion video booths, or you can set one up yourself. You can read more about setting up your own camera or watch the video below.

The slow-motion video booth is a great way to make your wedding unique. Years later, those videos will remind you of the fun times you and your family and friends had on your wedding day.


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