Wedding Wednesday: Weirdest wedding ideas

weird-bridal-trendsWhen researching the trends for weddings for this blog, we find some fantastic, unique ideas to share. We also see some weird ideas that make us stop and stare for a few minutes while trying to figure out what the wedding planner was trying to do.

We want to take a closer look at some of the odd things we’ve seen and get your take on them. Please feel free to comment below and let us know if we are crazy or the idea is.

We’ve seen everything from whacky hairstyles, make up or accessories that completely overpower the dress to wedding dresses that were best left hanging in the closet.

Recently, took a look at “The weirdest trends from the fall 2014 bridal shows,” and we tend to agree with many of those. We particularly like the headdress that makes the bride look like a bird, which takes away from the beautiful dress. No one would even notice what the bride was wearing except the features in her hair.

Another great example in the list is a crop top with a high-waist skirt for the bride. It’s one of the weirder dresses we’ve seen as well.

If you want some help to make sure your wedding doesn’t have one of the “weirdest” trends in weddings, let Cre8 Salon and Spa give you just the right hairstyle, nails and make up that will complement your dress rather than take away from its beauty. Brides should want all the attention on them because of their beauty and poise, not because of a hairstyle that is so distracting it is all people remember of the wedding.

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