Wedding Wednesday: What not to say at a wedding

what_not_to_sayLast week in our blog, we took a look at some of the weirdest wedding ideas so this week we thought we’d take a look at the weirdest things people say at weddings.

Reading a post on, we couldn’t help but laugh at some of the worst things you can say to a bride and a groom.

People comment on the cost of the wedding, the plans for the wedding night, or reminisce about old times inappropriate for anyone else’s ears most of the time but especially at a wedding. You can almost hear people saying some of the things now — “So baby comes next, right” or “Wow, when you think about how many couples divorce…”

Nina Callaway on came up with a few things people shouldn’t say at weddings as well as some “snarky” comebacks for people who make comments before or during a wedding.

One of the better comments: “I hate weddings.” To which a bride might reply: “Thanks! So glad I can cross you off the invite list, then.”

What are some lines you’ve heard at weddings that made you stop in your tracks? What do you think are the worst things you can say to a couple at their wedding?


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