Wedding Wednesday: A Christmas wedding

ChristmasWeddingMerry Christmas! We thought we’d take a look at some holiday-themed wedding ideas. If you are thinking about getting married next Christmas, this is the time to start planning. Take a look at what others are doing this year, take the best ideas and add your own touch.

There are some great ideas and examples out there for you to follow. Social media is one place to start. Several Pinterest pages are dedicated to the Christmas wedding theme. They offer a variety of concepts for everything from the decorations to the makeup and nails.

The Christmas theme wedding board provides a look at some amazing dresses, including one we find gorgeous that we’ve included with this post. Another festive idea is fake snowflakes on the shoulder of the groom and groomsmen. You’ll also find creative concepts for hairstyles, makeup and nail polish.

Christmas Wedding Ideas has some great decoration examples and unique wedding photos. White lights can help add to the ambiance while giving the room a holiday feel.

Cre8 Salon and Spa can help you with your Christmas-themed wedding from hairstyles to makeup and nails. Have a happy holiday!

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