Wedding Wednesday: An all-night wedding trend?

Wedding trends for 2014

Wedding trends for 2014

Last week, released its annual predictions for the hottest wedding trends for 2014. There are some interesting and fun trends on the horizon. Many of the trends follow what celebrities are doing, and wedding dresses have taken a hint from the fashion runways.

You’ll see the extremes in social media this year. Some couples will want to unplug, asking guests not to use their phones or other mobile devices at the ceremony.  Guests will be asked to check their phones at the door and to not take video or photos during the ceremony to share on social media.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, couples will have their own hashtags and will ask guests to share photos and video through several social media platforms. The couples will not only have their traditional wedding photos but also plenty of candid shots to help capture the special moments of the day.

One of the more fascinating trends we found was the all-night wedding. Some don’t want the party to end. They plan an all-night party or an after-party with a different theme and perhaps a different venue.

Read more of’s hottest wedding trends.

Next week, we’ll look at the trends in hair and makeup for 2014.

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