Wedding Wednesday: The trend in 2014 for flowers, invitations

Wedding flower trends 2014.

Wedding flower trends 2014.

Petals, petals and more petals. Many-petaled flowers such as the tree peony or the garden rose are the trend for 2014, according to Bridal Guide.

Those flowers are elegant, soft and romantic and can provide a lovely centerpiece for any wedding. The flowers can look casual, formal or traditional based on the arrangement and the vase. Crystal and silver are popular vase choices.

Some pops of green add to the bouquets. Geranium leaves and maidenhair fern are popular choices. Read more about flower trends for 2014.

For invitation choices in 2014, many brides-to-be are picking metallics but not the usual gold or silver — it’s more rose gold and tawny bronze, according to Bridal Guide. Invitations that utilize lace and cutouts are also popular as well as hand-drawn invitations.

Read more about wedding trends for 2014. Last week, we looked at the hair and makeup trends.

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