Wedding Wednesday: To tweet or not to tweet — social media in 2014

Social media at weddingsSocial media has an interesting future where weddings are concerned. The trends in social media for 2014 are as far apart as you can get. Some couples are choosing to unplug while others are encouraging every guest to share every minute.

For the social-friendly bride and groom, they may choose to create their own special hashtag and encourage guests to use it. Some weddings even have charging stations for their guests. An interesting idea to make the charging stations fit with the décor is to incorporate the cords into the centerpieces. Try a flower arrangement with chords popping through the flowers.

At the other end of the social media spectrum, some couples prefer to unplug by having their guests check their cell phones at the door. It’s not enough to ask guests to refrain from using their phones at any time during the ceremony — couples don’t even allow people to bring in their phones.

There could be a happy medium between the two extremes. If you’re a social media fan but you want to make sure cell phones don’t disrupt your special day, you could request that guests only share through social media during the reception or at other times. During the ceremony, you can make sure guests silence their phones before they are seated. That could be a chore for the groomsmen.

What do you think? Would you prefer a plugged or unplugged wedding? At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we want to hear what you think about social media use at weddings. Comment on this blog or visit our Facebook page to join the discussion.


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