Wedding Wednesday: Setting the date

Choosing a wedding date

Choosing your wedding date

Setting the date for your wedding may be a more complicated task than it seems. There are many things to consider — is the venue available, are there conflicts with the date for the bride or groom or key guests, etc.?

When picking the date, one approach is to first go through some dates you know are out of the question. Consider dates that bring up old memories that aren’t days you want to associate with your wedding. For example, the anniversary you share with an old flame, your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend’s birthday, the date a loved one passed away, or any other date that may have a negative vibe attached to it.

There may be some historically significant days you want to avoid too, such as Sept. 11 or Pearl Harbor Day on Dec. 7.  Even dates of big sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, are dates you want to avoid if you’re a sports fan.

You may want to also avoid some holidays, although some couples prefer holidays because the theme is centered on a holiday or because it gives guests additional time to travel.

Valentine’s Day seems to be a popular day to get engaged and get married. The Lee County Clerk of Courts had 35 weddings scheduled for that day.

As you are planning your wedding this year or in 2015 or 2016, has a list of holidays and other dates you may want to avoid.

If you still are having trouble choosing your wedding date, why not let TIME and Facebook choose for you? TIME has an interactive graphic that uses information from your Facebook friends to determine a good date for you to get married. It looks at the median age of your married friends and then determines a date for you.

Social networks have enormous influence over our thoughts about marriage, according to TIME, so why not turn to the social network to pick a wedding date?

No matter what date you pick, Cre8 Salon and Spa can help you with the perfect look from hair to nails and makeup. Contact us at 239-458-2704. You can also get a copy of our wedding FAQs.


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