Wedding Wednesday: Man plans surprise wedding for fiancée

Groom plans surprise wedding for fiancee.You may have seen on the news or on social media the story about the man who planned a surprise wedding for his fiancée.  As a bride, can you imagine having everything planned for you? Or, can you imagine planning everything for your soon-to-be-spouse as a surprise?

There have been a couple stories in the news over the last several months about men planning surprise weddings. The brides were happy and got their perfect wedding but the buzz about these weddings is mixed. Not everyone wants all the details planned for them. Regardless of what you think about the idea, it’s hard not to admit that it was a very romantic gesture in two recent cases.

Just last week, Good Morning America reported Adam Verheyen planned a wedding for his fiancée, Carly Butler, while she was spending seven months in London retracing her grandparent’s love story from 1946 for a book.

The couple got engaged while Butler was on her trip. When she returned home to Leamington, Canada, she was expecting an engagement party — and so were most of the guests — but instead she got a wedding.  The groom had planned everything. Butler just made a few minor adjustments, such as telling the bridesmaids to wear a black dress and replacing the bouquet.

Butler wrote about her wedding and her experience being on television in her blog,

Watch the Good Morning America video report.

Groom plans surprise wedding for bride using Pinterest. Two wed the same day they got engaged.A few months earlier, Good Morning America did a story about another man who planned a surprise wedding for his bride the same day he proposed. Ryan Leak, of Dallas, planned his wedding to Amanda Roman by using her Pinterest page.

Leak had heard Roman telling her friend how cool it would be to get engaged and married the same day. Leak used the more than 200 wedding pictures Roman had posted on her Pinterest page as a blue print for planning the wedding. Read more and watch the video.

These brides got the wedding of their dreams without having to do any planning. What do you think of the surprise wedding idea? Is it romantic?

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