Wedding Wednesday: Planning a fun wedding

There are some really creative ideas to add fun to your wedding. You can find little touches that make your special day fun and unique. Here are a few ideas we like.

Getting advice from your friends

two_cents_coastersThere’s usually no shortage of advice for the new couple but how about capturing those tips in a fun way? Try using the “Two Cents Coasters.” You can place these coasters on the table and your guests are invited to write their advice on them. They are inexpensive and a cute idea. Keep the best, pull them out on your anniversary and have some laughs or marvel at the insightfulness.

Another way to get your guests to participate in the wedding fun is to let your friends suggest music choices for your reception. In the RSVP to the wedding, you can have a place for each guest to suggest a song they’d like played. A bride in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area wrote in her blog that the RSVP card was the favorite part of her invitations. She couldn’t wait to open them to see what songs her guests requested. She said rsvp-cardshe got everything from Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” to Donna Summer’s “Last Dance.”

Getting creative with your aisle runner

Most brides probably don’t put much thought in what they are going to walk on when they walk down the aisle — maybe red carpet, a white runner sprinkled with rose petals. But the aisle runner is a great place to get fun and creative.

One of the most unique ideas is for the couple to tell their love story through pictures and dates printed on a runner.  A runner featured on as one of five hot ideas for aisle décor, started with photos of a couple as children and highlighted memories along their way to marriage.

Let guests create their own confetti and wedding favors

One of the “31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas” from is for guests to create their own confetti combination to shower the bride and groom. Bowls of several different colors and/or shapes of confetti as well as sequins are left on a table for guests to use to stuff small bags.

Another do-it-yourself idea from is to have decorative and different shaped bowls and containers full of candy and let guests fill bags to create their own wedding favors.

Upside down wedding cakes

We recently wrote about another fun wedding idea — wedding cakes that are suspended from the ceiling. Among the cakes we featured was a chandelier cake. It hung upside down from a chandelier.

There are many more fun ideas we’ll explore in future blogs. If you have a fun suggestion you’d like to share, please comment on our blog. At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we love fun, unique ideas.

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