Wedding Wednesday: Getting wedding ideas from the movies

Wedding ideas from Sex in the CityWhen planning a wedding, there are many places to look for inspiration. If you are looking for ways to get inspired, try going to the movies or renting a DVD.

Movies about weddings or even movies with just wedding scenes can be great sources of ideas for your wedding. Doing the research can be fun, too.  The bride-to-be could invite her bridesmaids over for an afternoon of wine and movies, or maybe she would prefer to cozy up on the couch with her hubby-to-be and spend a relaxing evening in front of the TV.

To figure out what movies you want to watch, check out the best and worst wedding movies. From the Princess Bride to License to Wed, there’s something for everyone.

POPSUGAR recently featured 12 unique wedding ideas you can borrow from the movies. An idea you could take away from My Best Friend’s Wedding is having floral bridesmaid dresses instead of a solid color. If you do go with solid colors, how about different colors for all your bridesmaids such as in the Sex in the City movie.

A unique idea from the movie, About Time, is to have a wedding dress in a vibrant color. In the movie, Mary (Rachel McAdams) wears a red dress. No one says you have to go with dress traditions.

What are your favorite wedding movies and what ideas do you take away from those movies?

At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we love fun and creative ideas. We find sources of inspiration in a variety of places. We can help you achieve the movie star look for your wedding.


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