Wedding Wednesday: Getting in shape, losing weight before the wedding

Wedding diet, wedding exerciseA few weeks before a wedding, many bridesmaids and brides go on a crash diet to look their best in their dress.

About 80 percent of the brides and more than half wedding party and family members involved in the 2.3 million American weddings every year change their eating or exercise habits for the big day, according to the 2006 American Wedding Study.

There are many things women can do to stay fit or get in shape without going overboard.  A crazy short-term diet isn’t the answer. Try to use common sense and healthy eating habits you can sustain rather than trying to cut too far back on the food you consume.  It’s about making better choices and moderation.

As soon as you learn you are going to be in a wedding or when you get engaged, start a healthy diet if you aren’t already following one. Don’t wait until the last minute. If you pace yourself, you won’t have to try to starve yourself in the final weeks or days.

Eat a diet of fresh produce and unprocessed food, keep a consistent workout schedule, stay hydrated, and stay committed, suggests POPSUGAR. Although it’s good to always follow that advice, it’s especially important to keep it up the last two weeks before the wedding.

It’s important that you make fitness a priority. When wedding stress rises and you feel there’s too much to do to workout — think again. You need to make time for yourself. Schedule workouts in your calendar if necessary. offers “20 Tips to Lose Weight for Your Wedding,” including limiting your alcohol consumption, picking healthy venues for pre-wedding activities, getting plenty of sleep, maintaining an active lifestyle, keeping emergency snacks on hand, managing stress, drinking plenty of water, not letting yourself get too hungry, and keeping your eye on the prize.

Exercising and eating a proper diet does more than just help you get your body in shape for the big day. It also helps sharpen your mind and helps you focus, according to

At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we can help you look your best for your big day. Schedule an appointment at 239-458-2704, read more from our blog and visit our website.


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