Wedding Wednesday: Don’t forget your nails

Wedding nailsWhat bride doesn’t want to look her best on her wedding day? She will try on a variety of dresses to get the perfect one. She will look at hairstyles and probably even try a few before the big day. But another important beauty tip that shouldn’t be overlooked is having great nails.

Don’t forget to schedule that nail appointment as you plan your hair and makeup appointments. It’s even a good idea to try a few looks before the wedding.

A bride’s hands play a much bigger role in the wedding than she realizes. You want your nails to look good as he slips the ring on your finger. There will also be plenty of photos of you holding your bouquet, holding hands with your groom, and feeding each other cake.

You probably don’t want your nails to stand out and become the focus of the photos because they are either not as neat as you would like or you chose some wild design or bright bold color that you might later regret.

Talking to your stylist can help. Get his or her opinion on the color and style. Discuss your wedding theme and colors. Taking a photo of your wedding dress is also a good idea. You can plan your hair, makeup and nails as one beautiful package.

At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we can help you find just the right look



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