Wedding Wednesday: Take an unconventional approach to your wedding

pamphletFor a wedding that’s memorable for everyone and not just the bride and groom, try taking an unconventional approach. You can put an unconventional twist on a wedding tradition or come up with something unique.

An unconventional approach may require some do-it-yourself skills. Here are some ideas:

Wedding guide pamphlet

Don’t be afraid to poke some fun at yourself and your wedding as a way to add some humor. Give your guests a pamphlet that serves as a guide to how not to fall asleep during the ceremony or that tells people what to expect.

Put some fun things in the guide such as suggesting things to keep them occupied while waiting for the ceremony to start — count the pedals on the flowers on the aisle, make up names and occupations for people you don’t know, or give them an item to spot in the church like a “where’s Waldo” game.

Of course, be sure to remind them when the wedding starts it’s time to pay close attention!

book1Coloring or activity book for the kids

Create your own coloring book or an activity book to keep the kids busy. The images should represent things at your wedding, your wedding theme or things that are special to the bride and groom.

If you have trouble coming up with things yourself , provides one you can download.

Cue cards

Another fun idea is to create cue cards to hold up for the guests. During the reception someone can stand and hold up cards that say things such as, “laugh now,” “applause,” etc.  You could do it during the reception, or even for the wedding if you want to have an unconventional ceremony. To add a little more comedy, the ceremony could be read off of cue cards, including the vows and the words by the person presiding over the ceremony.

There are endless ideas for making your wedding unique and fun. The bride and groom should have a wedding that fits their personality. It should be a day that will have memories that will put a smile on their face for years to come.


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