Wedding Wednesday: Creative ideas for your guest book

weddingpiecesThe guestbook is one of the items you’ll be able to enjoy years after your wedding. You can go back and see who attended and any advice they might have provided.

The guestbook is also one place where you can get fun and creative. Abandon the traditional book guests sign and find something you and your guests will enjoy.

Give these ideas a try:

A guest blog: Set up a computer and encourage guests to write blog posts. Give them a suggested topic such as their best advice, where they think the couple will be in 25 years, etc.

Puzzle pieces: Have guests write messages on pieces of a puzzle. You’ll have fun reading them and putting the puzzle together. You might even find some pretty funny combinations of advice as you put the pieces in place. Couples can get a custom made puzzle from Bulla Puzzles. The puzzle can be made in the shape of the state where you met, something that represents your favorite activity or the place where you met.

Cork and bottle: Consider having special labels made for the wine and champagne you serve and then have guests write messages and sign the bottles and the corks. The bottles can make nice decorations around your home.

There are more great ideas from Bridal Guide. Tell us what ideas you like the best or suggest your own.


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