Wedding Wednesday: The best advice is closer than you think

Wedding packages by Cre8 Salon and Spa in Cape Coral, Florida.If you do a Google search for wedding tips, there are more than 200 million results. There are shelves and shelves of bridal magazines, thousands of wedding websites and even more wedding blogs. There is no shortage of places to get wedding advice, wedding tips and wedding ideas.

All those sources are good places to get some wedding tips but some of the best advice might be closer than you think. Ask your friends and family for their personal tips. Most people have things about their wedding that worked out perfectly and some things they’d change. There’s nothing like learning from someone else’s mistake.

A fun way to get some helpful tips for your wedding is to invite your girlfriends over for a party. Have everyone share the best thing about their wedding day. These will be some great stories that everyone will enjoy and you’ll get some great ideas. Encourage people to bring photos and videos.

After you’ve gone through everyone’s favorite part of their wedding, ask them what didn’t go as planned. These could be some funny stories or some nightmares but it could help you avoid a potential disaster.

At the end of the party, ask everyone to share the one tip they would share or the biggest thing they learned from planning their wedding. Make a list and incorporate those into your wedding plan. Consider giving out prizes for the best piece of advice, the best story, the best “what not to do” tip, best photos, or other categories.

A wedding planning party can be a great place to get ideas while having fun with friends. Give it a try.


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