Wedding Wednesday: Five subtle Halloween wedding ideas

pumpkinWith Halloween just over two weeks away, we take a look at some great ways to incorporate pumpkins and Halloween decorations into a wedding.

There are a variety of ways you can bring some Halloween into the wedding décor. Couples can go all out and turn their wedding into more of a haunted house than a traditional church wedding. Or, you can use just a hint of Halloween by using a splash of orange.

Here are a few ideas for a subtle Halloween touch:

  1. Use a carved pumpkin as a centerpiece: Skip the scary faces, though, and try carving out your initials and illuminating the pumpkin. You could also hallow out the pumpkin and put flowers in it.
  2. Halloween music: Try a classy organ piece such as Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” or a pianist or cellist perform solo during dinner such as Bolcom’s “Graceful Ghost Rag” and Liszt’s “Mephisto till-death-do-us-part-wood-boxWaltz“.
  3. Incorporate an orange and black color scheme. Try an orange tie with a black tux or a pop of orange in an accessory in the bride’s hair or on her dress. At the reception, the guys can change into some fun Halloween ties. A Black Chiffon Headband is another great, classy idea.
  4. Festive nail polish: Sparkly nail polish in black and orange or in fall colors can provide a subtle or a bold Halloween look.
  5. Wooden ring box: Carry the ring in a black wooden box with “Until death do us part” on it.

Pinterest has an interesting collection of other Halloween wedding decorations, wedding cakes and more.

At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we can help you find ways to incorporate your Halloween spirit into your wedding.


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