Wedding Wednesday: Five outrageous Halloween wedding ideas

If this is your favorite time of year and Halloween is one of your favorite days, you may be considering a Halloween bride-of-frankenstein-costumetheme for your wedding. You can go as subtle or as bold as you want with this theme. Last week, we gave you five subtle ideas. This week, let’s go for the more outrageous!

  1. Haunted location: Have your ceremony at a haunted location (come back to next week’s blog for a post on haunted locations). You could exchange vows at a house decorated as a haunted house or at a house that is said to be haunted such as the hotel from The Shinning or a local place considered to be haunted.
  2. Bride of Frankenstein: Try an outrageous, fun hairstyle that looks more like something that belongs to the Bride of Frankenstein rather than the average bride.
  3. Costumes: Shed the traditional threads and go for your favorite Halloween costume. There is no shortage of choices. You can have Wonder Woman marrying Superman or exchanging vows as Herman and Lily Munster. Be as creative as you want. Create your own characters or dress up as your favorite.
  4. Makeup and nails: Throw away the ordinary colors and go bright and bold. If you are wearing a costume, make sure the makeup and bride of frankensteinnails match. Go all out for your costume.
  5. Accessories and decor: Have some fun with the accessories and the décor. Maybe a black veil is more fitting than white, and perhaps it has bats instead of flowers. What about black roses instead of red or white?

If Halloween is your thing, incorporate it into your wedding and have fun! Include your friends and family to make it more fun for everyone. Don’t forget to include your stylist, too. You’ll want to look good from your head to your toes on your special day. Cre8 Salon and Spa can help!


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