Wedding Wednesday: Five outrageous wedding hairstyles

A bride wants to look her best on her special day. She chooses the perfect hairstyle, dress, make up and gets her nails done. Brides generally choose traditional, elegant, romantic looks. Often, the style fits their personality. For some with a more vibrant personality, they may choose to be more outrageous in their overall look and dress.

Last week we picked five romantic hairstyles we thought any bride would love. We’ve also featured short haircuts, updos and more. This week we thought we’d try something fun and look at the most outrageous wedding hairstyles.

If you check out outrageous hairstyles on the Internet, a search turns up many photos of Lady GaGa. Here are five outrageous hairstyles we liked — well, at least we thought they were outrageous. Would you wear any of these any day, let alone your wedding?

Outrageous hairstyles for weddings

It’s hard to know if you should run away in fear of the animal on the bride’s head or appreciate the work of art with this lioness hairstyle.

Outrageous hair styles Lady Gaga

What list of outrageous hairstyles would be complete without Lady Gaga? No veil or tiara needed with this creation.













Outrageous wedding hairstyles

If the lion didn’t send you running, this look might. We believe this is a wig. Wonder how heavy it is?

Outrageous wedding hairstyles

For some reason, Cyndi Lauper pops into mind looking at this photo. Maybe in the ’80s?











Outrageous wedding hairstyles

These styles are the least outrageous of the bunch and could easily be toned down a little for a more traditional look.










Some may say these are trendsetting or contemporary. Tell us what you think?

Now that you’ve seen a few current outrageous hairstyles, check out: The 7 most outrageous wedding hairstyles in the history of time. Here’s a sneak peak:

Outrageous hair styles







No matter what look you prefer, the professional stylists at Cre8 Salon and Spa can help you find just the right look.

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