Wedding Wednesday: Thanksgiving weddings and Black Friday wedding shopping

When you think of Thanksgiving, a wedding is probably one of the last things that would come to mind. And when you think of Black Friday, a wedding dress probably isn’t on the top of the list.

Thanksgiving wedding menu ideas.

Click on the image for Thanksgiving wedding menu ideas.

There are more couples than you might think who choose Thanksgiving, or at least Thanksgiving weekend, as the time to exchange vows. There are some advantages — it’s a time many already plan on spending with family, there’s more time for travel and you may not have as much competition to book your favorite location or band.

However, some of the advantages mentioned could actually cause a disadvantage for some. Friends and family may already have other Thanksgiving plans that they don’t want to change for a wedding, for example. Some locations you want to book may not already have another engagement but they may not be open on the Thanksgiving holiday, or they may charge more for the holiday. The same goes for entertainment.

Black Friday wedding dress salesWhether you are planning a Thanksgiving wedding or set the special date for another time during the year, you may be able to find some bargains on Black Friday. Instead of fighting the crowds battling over the best deals on TVs, try shopping for your wedding dress, decorations, and more. You might be surprised at the deals you can get.

We all have a great deal to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving, including finding the love of our life. At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we are thankful for our wonderful friends, family and clients!


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