Wedding Wednesday: 12-13-14 a popular wedding date

December is not the most popular month even though many like a holiday wedding. This December, however, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of weddings. That’s because this month included 12-13-14. That’s the last sequential date of the century.

Weddings 12-13-14There are many people who like to get married on dates that are numerically interesting — 11-11-11; 12-12-12, 10-11-12, 11-12-13, etc. You get the picture. So it’s no surprise that Dec. 13, 2014, or 12-13-14, was a popular date. It helped that the date fell on a Saturday, too.

A mass wedding took place at 10:11 a.m. on 12-13-14 at the Fort Worth Stockyards. About 30 couples exchanged their vows. Read more.

In Las Vegas, couples could get special 12-13-14 wedding packages ranging from traditional to Elvis-themed. The date was more popular than 11-11-11 and 12-12-12. It’s not surprising that couples would play a numbers game in Las Vegas!

It’s estimated that about 30,000 couples across the nation wed 12-13-14. It’s twice as many U.S. couples as got married on the corresponding Saturday in 2013, according to David’s Bridal. According to a survey by David’s Bridal this year, recent brides said they chose a numerically memorable date. Read more.

Not only is it cool to have a wedding date that’s sequential but also it’s easy to remember. Although the next sequential date doesn’t happen for another 1,000 years, math lovers may be planning their wedding now for March 14, 2015, or written another way you may recognize it as pi, 3.1415.

Read more about other interesting dates.

No matter what date you choose, Cre8 Salon and Spa can help you create your unique look for the special day.


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