Wedding Wednesday: Wedding trends to watch for 2015

Wedding trends for 2015 vary depending on what wedding planner you listen to or the blogs you read. It also depends on the time of year and location of the wedding. You wouldn’t have an outdoor wedding in a garden in the middle of winter in the midwest, for example.

The trends, we think, will reach the extremes and everywhere in between this year. From grand elegance to more causal and seemingly spontaneous ceremony, there’s something to fit every taste. Here are trends we like for 2015.

British invasion

royal-weddingBridal Guide was spot on with their pick for the British invasion trend. The magazine credits “the unwavering appeal of Princess Kate and Downton Abbey for the influx of stylish details that bring to mind afternoon tea and garden parties.”

There are a variety of ways to incorporate the British theme. Try red and blue colors, AllThingsBritishvintage lace, and elegant place settings fit for a queen at high tea. A wonderful Victorian afternoon can provide a great wedding theme.






Homegrown wedding

At the other end of the spectrum, look for more do-it-yourself and casual weddings. With the increasing popularity of farm-to-the-table, many will look to have outdoor garden weddings or weddings where they bring the outdoors inside. The idea of having a wedding that looks more spontaneous is appealing to many. Try choosing wild flowers that look  like they were just picked. It is a more whimsical theme.

What do you think the trends will be this year? Tell us and come back to our blog over the next few weeks as we look at more trends for 2015. At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we love helping couples as they prepare for their special day.


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