Wedding Wednesday: How to plan a quick, simple wedding

When most people find the one they want to spend their life with, they want to make it official. Some plan elaborate weddings they have been dreaming of their entire lives, while others prefer something simple. Some don’t want to wait or go to great expense.

For many same-sex couples in Southwest Florida, they have waited long enough. They want to plan something quick and simple now that they can make it official.

No matter the reason, here are some ideas if you want to plan a quick, simple, inexpensive wedding.

RoseWeddingArchPlan a beach wedding: Beach weddings are always romantic and beautiful. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting (unless, of course, it rains). As long as you have the license, you could have a beach wedding anytime.

Keep it small: A small wedding with only a few close friends can make the day more intimate and special. The guests feel more like they are part of the ceremony. The fewer people you have, the fewer invitations you need and the smaller the venue. It also makes it easier to set a date that works for everyone. The date can even be flexible, if needed. If you only have a small group of people and it will rain on your outdoor ceremony, it’s easier to postpone.

Keep invitations simple: Make the invitations more personal. You can create them yourself or design something online. If you keep it small, you can include a personal message. Tell them why they are among the few who will be attending by telling them what they mean to you.

Shoot a video guest book: Instead of using a guest book to have your guests sign, record videos. Ask each guest the one piece of advice they have for the couple or the one memory that sticks out in their mind about the happy couple. This would be a fun idea to have someone in the wedding party do before the wedding and the couple could watch it after the ceremony. Ask their friends what is the one word that best describes the couple and explain why. That will be fun for the couple to watch and it allows others to be part of the event even if they don’t attend the ceremony.

Have a small reception: Celebrate your vows with a day at the beach following the ceremony and champagne toast at sunset. You could also reserve a room at your favorite restaurant for a private dinner.

Plan a party: If you have a small ceremony but have lots of friends you would like to celebrate with, you could plan a larger party at another time. Perhaps you don’t tell your friends you are married until the party. Make it a fun surprise party.

Dress how you want to dress: With a small, casual wedding, you should dress how you want. If you are more comfortable in shorts or a sun dress, that’s fine. If you really want a fancy wedding dress, no matter how casual the wedding, wear one. It’s your day and you should celebrate it the way you want. Don’t worry about what others will say.

Take pictures: Have your friends and family take photos. Those candid shots will be priceless moments you share years later. You can still hire a professional photographer if you choose.

Involve your friends: Ask your friends to participate in planning the ceremony so it won’t be so overwhelming for you, depending on the type of wedding you want. Your friends can also participate in the ceremony. Perhaps one of your friends can perform the ceremony (if they have the proper qualifications).

At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we can help you with hairstyles, nails, makeup and provide a a great spa experience before and after the ceremony. We have a variety of wedding packages.


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