Wedding Wednesday: Five fun wedding shower ideas

Wedding showers can be a fun time, or they can be dull. Don’t let your wedding shower be a drag. Here are some fun ideas to make your wedding shower memorable and fun.

Sept_370x370.0011. Spend the day at a spa: What’s more fun than getting pampered and enjoying an afternoon with good friends? Plan for a manicure, pedicure, facial and a nice massage. You should even think about getting your hair done. Makeovers would be fun to do as a small group of close friends. In Southwest Florida, you can plan your fun day at Cre8 Salon and Spa. There are a variety of wedding packages as well.




2. Ask for some advice: Although there are all sorts of games and activities that are a staple at a bridal shower, here’s one a little different. Have party-goers provide advice to the bride-to-be. Give them a situation and then ask them for advice on how to handle it. You can also ask them what the bride “should not do.” Here are some from Etsy. You can find others or create your own. These will be fun to read aloud and they will be fun years later when the bride pulls them out on an anniversary.



3. Have a wedding shower theme based on the bride’s favorite TV show. Here’s an idea from “This Friends-themed wedding shower is genius. Copy this girl’s idea (whatever, it’s fine!), or come up with something equally clever and fun for your friend’s favorite show or movie. ”










4. Plan a scavenger hunt for some odd items: Another fun idea from is the ridiculous scavenger hunt. Make the items weird, fun and unusual.








5. Create your own perfume: This cool idea comes from Set up a bar of oils and pretty perfume bottles so guests can create their own signature scent. You can buy perfume bar kits with customizable scent options and full instructions online at



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