Wedding Wednesday: Couples spending more on reception, less on ceremony

Many couples are choosing to spend more money on their reception and cutting back on the budget for the ceremony.  They are having a simple service and planning a big party for after the ceremony.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

According to a study released recently by, spending is on the rise across reception categories, and couples are spending more on their catering, musicians and cake in 2014. Spending for cocktail hours also rose to 76% from 69% in 2010. Couples are spending less on the ceremony. In 2014, 33% of couples hired pianists and organists for their ceremony, down from 49% in 2009, and 28% of couples held their ceremony in a religious institution, down from 41% in 2009.

The eighth annual comprehensive report by, surveyed nearly 16,000 US brides and grooms married in 2014 to uncover the financial spending habits and trends of real weddings in America.

Spending less on the ceremony means more money to spend on enjoying the celebration after vows. It also leaves more money for brides to spend on their hair, makeup, nails and everything else that makes them feel special on their special day.

At Cre8 Salon and Spa, we can help brides stay within their budget and look their best.


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