Wedding Wednesday: Star Wars theme still alive

When it comes to planning a wedding, some couples are so fanatical about a movie, a character or sports team that they want to incorporate it into their ceremony.

There have been Star Wars themed weddings since the 1970s when the epic movie first came out. Some fans plan their wedding on May 4th, Star Wars Day. Why is that Star Wars Day, you may ask? If you say “May the Force be with you,” it sounds a lot like “May the Fourth be with you.”

Since Star Wars day was just last week, there have been a variety of things posted on the Internet about the day and about wedding ideas with a Star Wars theme. Some are only for the extreme fans while other ideas provide an entertaining touch to your reception.

Unless you are a super fan, you probably want to avoid the Princess Leia hairstyle. Perhaps try one nice bun in the back instead of the ear-muffs look.








One of her other styles might not be bad though.

princessleia leia-bespin-hair










How about a cake inspired by the movie?


The Uncommon Cakery


Cake Noveau








If you like the move but don’t consider yourself a Star Wars fanatic, try this fun idea. You can incorporate the theme into the photo booth at your reception. Provide props from the movie and encourage guests to have fun with it. Get a Darth Vader mask and some lightsabers.









No matter what style you choose, at Cre8 Salon and Spa we can help you perfect your style.



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