Wedding Wednesday: Photographer provides same-day photo album

A wedding photographer in Australia wanted to do something different for his sister-in-law’s wedding. Apparently, he is known for coming up with outrageous ideas so when he was hired to shoot the wedding of his wife’s identical twin, he was given carte blanche — well, his only restriction was he couldn’t pay for a helicopter.


Jane and Gray react to seeing their photo album the night of their wedding. Photo by James Day, who presented the couple with the album.

When you hear the back story, you expect to find some wild idea. Perhaps zoo animals, a circus, an underwater wedding, a ceremony at the foot of a volcano, or anything else you can dream up.

But this crazy stunt had more to do with creativity and logistics. Photographer James Day decided he was going to give the happy couple a wedding album packed full of pictures from the entire day. What’s so spectacular about that? He wanted to give it to the couple at the end of their wedding day.

This was an interesting idea that blew away the wedding couple. They were surprised and delighted. The entire wedding party was able to look back on the day just a few hours after the ceremony.

The album started with getting ready in the morning and ended with the reception. The album was preordered and engraved with the couple’s names. The photos were printed on the spot and neatly placed in the album.

It’s a great idea to have your entire day captured. From the time the bride and groom got up, photos were being snapped. Although it’s not likely there are many photographers who could pull this off, it’s probably a look into what we will find in the not-too-distant future.


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