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Wedding Wednesday: Cool down your summer wedding

Planning a summer wedding? The summer heat can create a real challenge for a bride’s hair and makeup, but Cre8 Salon and Spa has some suggestions to keep you feeling cool and looking radiant on your special day. Trendy updos and waterproof makeup can really help to save the day. Here are some other ideas to create a cool, enjoyable environment for your guests.

Instead of handing out a typical program, offer your guests all the wedding day information on a handheld fan. These multi-functional items have gained popularity in recent years and can be purchased from a variety of vendors like Etsy.

Offer your guests practical party favors.  Leave sunglasses on each seat to protect your guests’ eyes during the ceremony and provide a basket full of sandals for the reception. Most guests will be ecstatic to ditch the heels and grab a pair of flip-flops.  It will save them the pain of dancing in uncomfortable shoes and give them a gift to wear long after the wedding.

Get artsy with your beverages. Fill a canoe with cold brews or offer personalized water bottles to keep your guests refreshed in the summer heat.

A beautiful canopy is a great choice for covering outdoor reception tables. It looks elegant and it creates the right amount of shade to deter the Florida sun.

If the reception lasts past sunset, find a creative way to light the party. Stringing lights throughout the area creates a magical look and feel.  It will create a vibrant background for all your Instagram posts!

Ideas from Cre8 Salon & Spa to cool down your summer wedding



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