Wedding Wednesday: Proposing to your bridesmaids

After he asks the big question, it’s the bride’s turn to propose to her bridesmaids. Now it’s not enough to simply ask your friend over the phone as more and more brides are popping the question in dramatic ways. Read below for some gift ideas that will match your personality. Which type of bride are you?

The DIY bride

If you are creative and want to give a gift from the heart, there are countless DIY options. Many brides have known their bridesmaids since childhood, so this can be a perfect time to reminisce over the good times you’ve had together. Check out these homemade gift ideas: picture frames, treasure boxes, and paper dolls.

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The less-than-serious bride:

If being sentimental can be difficult for you, keep it light with a funny card. You can surprise your friends with the proposal and make them laugh at the same time! Look for these and more ideas on Etsy and Pinterest.

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The practical bride

By the time you get married, chances are you’ve already been a member of a wedding party. Between the bachelorette party, shower and wedding, you end up accumulating a lot of party favors you only use once. You don’t want to throw away the memories of your friend’s big day, but before you know it, your life is cluttered with wedding memorabilia. Here are some functional gifts your bridesmaids will actually use: personalized wine bottlesjewelrycustomized koozies, candleswine glasses, and flasks.

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No matter which type of bride you are, Cre8 Salon and Spa will help you and your bridesmaids look fabulous for the big day. Contact Cre8 Salon and Spa by visiting our website or Facebook page or calling 239-458-2704.


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