Wedding Wednesday: Wedding technology of the future

Weddings are becoming more and more digital with live tweeting and Instagram hashtags becoming the norm. This article discusses some technology trends from the future. Some are feasible; others are a little out there but interesting to consider nonetheless! Here are our favorites:

  1. Often friends and family members can’t attend due to travel Wedding Robotcost or illness Consider live streaming the wedding so your loved ones can tune in and experience the celebration remotely. You can ask a guest to help record the big day on Google Hangout or “I Do” stream. Some couples are even hiring robots to do the live streaming. Dress up your robot in a bowtie and make him part of the celebration!
  1. The 3-D printing trend is becoming increasingly popular in the culinary world.   Add 3D printed shapes to the top or sides of your wedding cake.
  1. The leave-a-disposable-camera-at-each-table trend is a little outdated and who knows how well the pictures will actually turn out. Most people would rather save the pictures on their smartphones, which also allow us unlimited do-overs. Instead, add selfie-sticks to each table and invite your guests snap photos. This is an interesting way to document the wedding from your guests’ point of view.
  1. Designate a special hashtag for all your friends to use on Instagram to share photos. Why not take it a step further? Project these images on the wall or ceiling during reception in real time as they are posted.
  1. Take your wedding pictures to another level, especially if you are somewhere with an impressive scenic view. Use a drone to take pictures from above and capture moments from vantage points you would never see with a regular photographer.

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Deb Shields Photography

Deb Shields Photography

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