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Wedding Wednesday: How to master wedding photos

Amanda Summerlin

Photo by Amanda Summerlin

We have all seen wedding pictures in magazines that look absolutely perfect. Every bride wants to have that one perfect day, so of course she wants amazing photographs as well. Soon-to-be brides often look at flawless, retouched photos in magazines and worry if theirs will ever look that good. One thing to realize is that photographers typically spend the days following the wedding retouching, brightening, and editing the pictures. Don’t stress or overdo it trying to get “perfect” photos. Following these tips will help you get natural, beautiful photos that show off the beautiful bride you are. (The best part is you don’t have to change a thing!)

  • Have fun. If you and your wedding party are having a great time, the camera will capture this and your pictures will remind you of just how awesome that day was.
  • Put effort into choosing your photographer. Your photographer should not make you feel awkward. Find someone who you trust and enjoy being around. Make sure the photographer knows what you want and how you want to appear in your photos. Of course you want a person who takes stunning pictures, but you need to feel comfortable and confident in order to get the pictures you want.
  • Be smart when choosing times. The best lighting for taking photographs is between 4-7 PM. The sun won’t be so bright that it causes squinting, but bright enough to give your background some amazing lighting.
  • Move around. Many times taking pictures can be awkward. Is my smile too big, too little? What am I supposed to do with my hands? The answer is — be natural! Move around, laugh with your friends and partner, dance, kiss, and enjoy the day.
  • Comfort is key. In order to look beautiful, you must feel beautiful. Choose your wedding dress wisely. Because you only have to wear it for one day, you may think it doesn’t matter if it is miserably tight. It’s hard to feel confident when you are uncomfortable. Find a dress that makes you feel like million bucks. Your confidence and beauty will radiate in every picture.
  • Baby powder can save the day. Especially during outdoor weddings, your beautiful white dress can get dirty. A quick fix is sprinkling baby powder over the dirty spots. Although it’s not permanent, it is the perfect quick fix to save your photos from a dirt-stained dress.
  • Smile! This shouldn’t be too hard since your wedding is one of the best days of your life. Smiling can brighten a picture all by itself. Don’t force your smile; just let it happen and live in the moment.

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