Wedding Wednesday: Unique guest book ideas

Your wedding may be the only time in your life that all your friends and family come together at once.  This once-in-a-lifetime experience is something the bride and groom will want to remember forever. A perfect way to create lasting memories is with an exceptional guest book. If your wedding book is bland and boring, it might seem like your wedding was as well. On the other hand, if you have an amazing guest book, you will remember just how special it was to spend the day with your loved ones.Wedding guest book ideas

Believe it or not, there are thousands of ways to make your wedding book unique.  Here are some examples of couples who put their creative ideas to life. I’ll stick to a few of the simple and doable ones that I’m sure you’ll love.

1. Hang each guest’s name and table number on a clothespin.  Keep a Polaroid nearby, and tell guests to replace the papers with goofy pictures.

2. Draw a bare tree on a large piece of paper. Ask each guest to place their finger on an ink pad and then leave a “leaf” fingerprint on the tree. Frame it and display in your home.

3. Arrange flat river rocks for guests to sign with their names and a message. Later add them to a large glass bowl to use as home décor.

4. Ask your guests sign a calendar on their birthday. You now have reminders for all your loved ones’ birthdays.

5. Display a large poster board and ask all your guests to write a memory about the newlyweds. Add a border of pictures from your wedding and you have a personalized keepsake.

6. Set up a video camera in a booth and ask your guests to record 30-second messages for the bride and the groom.

7. Place a scrap book, Polaroid camera, photo tape, and markers on a table and let your guests’ personalities shine.

8. Display an empty wine/champagne bottle alongside blank pieces of paper.  Ask your guests to write a message that the bride and groom will read on their first anniversary.

9. Construct a jenga tower. Ask each guest to leave their best marriage advice on Jenga piece and place it the ever-growing tower.  Every time you play Jenga, you will have a reminder of your wedding day.

Want more? Check out deerpearlflowers and smashingtheglass!



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