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Wedding Wednesday: Halloween weddings

When you think of Halloween, weddings probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind. However, getting married at the end of October can be the perfect time. Some brides choose to play up the Halloween theme, while others go for a more sophisticated feel. explained how to pull off a chic and sophisticated Halloween wedding. First step is the venue. Finding an eerily classy venue can create the feel you are looking for.  Historic buildings or hotels rumored to be haunted can provide the perfect backdrop for a Halloween wedding. Put a elegant spin on the traditional color scheme and use a color palette of black and burgundy.  At the reception, use matte gold flatware, black wine glasses, a lace runner, and light as many candles as possible. Instead of wearing a dramatic costume, choose an classic dress with vintage lace and long sleeves.  Dress your bridesmaids in deep tones or all black to create a edgy, yet chic look. When it comes to dessert, pick a all-black cake and offer a candy bar full of your guests favorite Halloween sweets! Read more.

Photo: McCune Photography, courtesy of Krista Jon Floral and Archive Rentals

If you want to want to play up the Halloween theme, has some ideas for you!

  1. Offer Halloween masks as party favors for your guests.
  2. Set up a spooky temporary tattoo station.
  3. Wear halloween shoes under your dress.
  4. Display ghost or candy corn candles.
  5. Use pumpkins as the centerpieces.
  6. Order gingerbread skeleton cookies for dessert.
  7. Get a skeleton themed cake.

See more here.

Via Total Bristol

Via Total Bristol


Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun! The stylists at Cre8 Salon and Spa can help you with your elegant or spooky Halloween look. Contact Cre8 Salon and Spa by visiting our website or Facebook page or calling 239-458-2704.


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