Wedding Wednesday: Avoiding bridal blunders

Most brides are rookies at wedding planning. Without experience, it is easy to fall victim to the common wedding missteps. Brides can get sound advice from a variety of resources, but sometimes it is important to know what not to do. compiled a list of 50 Mistakes Brides Always Make. Here are some mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding:

Buying your wedding dress before you choose the venue

Before you purchase your dress, you should decide on a theme and venue. If you book an elaborate venue, you may want to go bigger and bolder, while a simpler gown would be better suited for a quaint, outdoor wedding.

Leaving a gap between the ceremony and the reception

If possible, try to avoid leaving a large gap of time between your wedding and the reception. There’s nothing worse than being dressed in formal attire with nothing to do for hours. If you can’t avoid the time gap, keep your guests entertained by offering a hospitality lounge with drinks and snacks at the hotel.

Feeling forced to wear an updo

Don’t feel like you have to rock an updo just because it’s your wedding day. If you have never worn an updo in your life, it will feel very unnatural and you’ll hate it in your wedding photos. Choose a hairstyle that reflects you and that will make you feel both beautiful and comfortable. It’s your day; you don’t have to live up to anyone else’s expectations!

Forgetting to eat

During the hustle and bustle of getting ready, many brides forget to eat before the ceremony. Make sure you snack on something so you don’t feel light-headed during the ceremony. Many brides also skip dinner due to the chaos of the reception. Greeting each table often takes a great deal of time, so remember to have a few bites before you make your rounds.

Allowing endless toasts

Don’t allow a free-for-all with wedding toasts. Limit the amount of people who can speak by sticking to a schedule. Some guests tend to talk forever, especially after a few drinks. Don’t let long-winded speeches take away from the excitement of your reception.

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There will be bumps in the road while planning your wedding, but remember the real reason you are getting married. By avoiding these common wedding blunders, you’ll cut out the tension between you and your partner and be able focus on your love and life together.

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