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Wedding Wednesday: Fairy tale #weddings

Most of us grew up watching Snow White, Belle, and Cinderella and imagined living happily ever after like the princesses in the fairytales. What’s a better way to start your happily ever after than having the storybook wedding you’ve always dreamed of? Every bride deserves to be a princess for her big day. Here are some ways to achieve a fairy tale wedding:

Adding dripping lights to this whimsical tree creates the perfect background and makes your guests feel like they are in a wonderland.


Walk down an aisle covered pink and white petals to meet the man of your dreams.

pink roses

This is a must have photo. An oversized storybook is the perfect backdrop for happily ever after.

Every princess needs a carriage. Rent a pumpkin carriage for the night to transport you to and from the ceremony.

Check out this adorable seating chart.

Glide down the aisle beneath this beautiful flower décor.
white flowers

A ceremony in the perfect clearing in the woods is straight out of a fairytale. What’s better than getting married in an enchanted forest?

Click here for more.  After you take care of your wedding planning, let Cre8 Salon and Spa make you look like a princess for your big day.  Our stylists will make your hair and nails look like royalty. Contact Cre8 Salon and Spa by visiting our website or Facebook page or calling 239-458-2704.


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