Wedding Wednesday: After-Party Ideas for 2016

What’s the best reception you’ve ever been to? The most entertaining receptions usually have an electric energy. It can be difficult trying to find a balance between parent-pleasing and a die-hard party atmosphere. How do you find the right vibe? Create an environment with an element of surprise. Whether you bust into a choreographed routine or bring in dancers for entertainment, keep your guests on their toes and wanting more. A lip sync battle between groomsmen and bridesmaids will most certainly entertain your guests. Introducing new drinks and food throughout the night and a dynamic band or playlist are key to making your reception memorable. Here are four new wedding after-party trends to try this year:

wedding reception ideas

  1. Global

Global themes can create a whimsical setting. Use décor to create the feel of a foreign country or another exotic location. Many couples use their honeymoon destination as inspiration.

  1. Costume Party

Who doesn’t like to play dress up? It’s always fun to be someone else just for a night. Whether you have a themed costume party or supply photo booth props, it creates a fun atmosphere and great photo ops. 

  1. Custom Bar

Hire an experienced mixologist to create custom cocktails for your after-party. Creative concoctions made from scratch give your after-party a swanky, cool vibe.

  1. Breakfast for Dinner

Food trucks will continue to remain popular for the late-night, but the hot, new trend is having breakfast for dinner. After a night of partying, nothing sounds better then a breakfast buffet.

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