#Wedding Wednesday: Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

Springtime is officially upon us, which means that it’s time to plan spring weddings! When choosing the perfect dresses for your bridal party, keep the season in mind with these fresh, feminine bridesmaid dresses.

Pick soft, pastel or neutral colors and long gowns for a stylish, classic look.



For those who don’t want their bridesmaids to look as coordinated, pick a few of these colors and let your girls mix and match.

Ruffled - photo by -


Spring is the season of florals! Don’t be afraid to throw away the solid prints and get some patterns.



To make your bridal party really stand out, pick a bright, energetic color (and you can even have your Maid of Honor pick a statement color to set her apart).



When in doubt, remember that spring is the season of flowers, so it’s perfectly acceptable to adorn your girls in huge bouquets and flower crowns for a bohemian, blooming look.




We love looking on Pinterest for the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

After you’ve found the perfect dresses, bring your bridal party to Cre8 Salon and Spa for flawless hair and makeup. Contact Cre8 Salon and Spa by visiting our website or Facebook page or calling 239-458-2704.

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